mattyg kandalilla

All my life I’ve had a huge interest in exploring and investigating creatures and right from a kid looking out the car window  looking for snakes on the road or lizards hoping Dad would stop the car to let me out….

Now I have Kids of my own, I was first inspired bt them to carve in my home town “Maleny”where after dark I would chase my son down the street age 3 as he and I loved doing that….Along the way I would point out sleeping birds under awnings, possums, spiders and much more and during the day there was very little entertainment for kids accept hiding in the A-frame signs outside stores. Dreaming away I told no one my vision of animals all over roof tops and in businesses and It was 1 year before I carved my first animal for the local”Watsons” Garage,  in Maleny….and today some 45 carvings can be seen in and around the town….. I worked  hard of an evening to get the carvings out as businesses ordered them daily…..

Today I’ve expanded my work to shows all around Australia and carving for the public. I’ve pushed myself to create finer work without losing my touch for delivering simplicity and the feeling that go with each piece.

This work also took me away from an old job allow my creative side to open up plus stay flexible for my children as they grow up…



The Croc is the new Honour Board at the local School


About MattyG

I love Adventure & Creativity. Im nature based thinker

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